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31st May 2022

June 2022 - 30-Day Challenge. Today launched another 30 day challene to enhance and inspire your art practice.

The drawings are ideally fast sketches completed each day, not necessarily a finished piece, polished or detailed. If you have the time to work them up, then that is great too. The 30-Day Challenge is intended to be fun, fast, and ultimately inspiring!

24th May 2022

We would like to acknowledge the passing of our dear friend Quilliam.

His memorial service which was held in Rangiora was a tribute to his full and successful life. His death comes as a shock to all who know him through RAS.

He was greatly admired as a water- colourist and was a friend and mentor to many. Quilliam shared his considerable knowledge generously with all of us whilst at the same time having a humble appreciation of his own skills.

Thank you for your friendship, advice, encouragement, and wisdom, Quilliam. You will be sorely missed. And our thoughts go out to Paulette and his family.

Sharon Soderberg-White receives her award from Waimakariri District Mayor, Dan Gordon

Successful Exhibition at new venue

Wasn't it fantastic to be able to enjoy our exhibition after all the stops and starts over the past two years? It was a colourful display and a joy to see. The new venue proved a good space and already the committee has ideas about improving the experience at the next RAS exhibition. Constructive feedback is welcomed by the committee.

This year we were privileged to have Adrienne Pavelka as our guest artist and we were delighted that six of Adriennes paintings were sold during the exhibition.

Although the number of people attending the exhibition was fewer than in the past, the sales were comparable to our last exhibition in 2019. Our Treasurer reports that overall takings from paintings, raffle and door entries gave us $11,500, a very good result considering the difficulties we are all experiencing due to Covid's impact on society.

Our expenses, however, were greater than usual, due to the extra advertising required when dates had to be changed, the lock down and the loss of the opportunity to sell tickets outside the New World supermarket, due to Covid restrictions.

Congratulations to the artists whose paintings sold during the exhibition. We are advised that payments will be made to the artists over the next two to three weeks.

Rangiora Art Society 2021 winners:

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